In this article we will provide a list of important river dams in India including PDF for SSC,UPSC and other competitive govt job exams like SBI,IBPS,RRB NTPC,RRB Group D,SEBI,NABARD,LIC etc.Important question on dams are repeatedly asked in General Knowledge sections of the competitive examinations.The pdf file of the list of important river dams in India will be provided at the bottom of the article.Let’s learn.

List of Important River Dams in India PDF for SSC,UPSC

Do not read these

• While you are preparing for competitive exams and taking notes on important river dams in India,you should keep in mind that some information should be skipped.You should avoid information like Length,Height,Installation capacity of the dams,the establishment date of dams,total cost of construction etc.

Know Some Basics of Dams

What is a Dam?

A dam is a barrier to store,retain or controls the river water,lake,estuary or underground flow for various purposes such as domestic, industrial and irrigation etc.

Types of Dams
  • According to use dams are three types 
  1. Storage Dams
  2. Diversion Dams
  3. Detention Dams
  • According to materials used dams are classified into two types
  1. Rigid Dams
  2. Non Rigid Dams

Rigid Dams are further classified as 

  • Gravity Dams:Created by concrete or stone masonry and designed to hold back water and resist horizontal pressure of water.
  • Arch Dams:Solid Concrete curved upstream dams.
  • Steel Dams:Made of steels,timber or construction materials.
  • Buttress Dams:The dams are characterized by water tight upstream side and series of buttress at the downstream side.
  • Earth Dams: Created by semi-plastic mound of soil,clay,sand,rock etc.
Difference Between Dam and Reservoir


The barrier designed to control the flow of water of a river,lake,estuary or underground flow.Dams are used specially for generation hydro power.


Reservoir is an integral part of dam.Reservoirs are designed for storage purpose according to the functionality of the dam.
Difference Between Dam and Reservoir

Difference Between Dam and Reservoir

Advantages of Dams
  • Dams are created for hydroelectric power generation,industrial water supply,domestic drinking water supply and irrigation purposes.
  • Reservoirs around the dams are used for recreation areas for fishing and boating.Thus it boosts local economical activities.
  • Dams are beneficial in mitigating and controlling floods in the region.
Highest,Longest,Largest Dams
Type Name of the Dam River
Highest Dam in IndiaTehri DamBhagirathi River,Uttarakhand
Highest Dam in the WorldJinping-I DamYalong River,China
Longest Dam in IndiaHirakud DamMahanadi River,Odisha
Longest Dam in the WorldThree Gorges DamYangtze River,China
Largest Dam in IndiaTehri DamBhagirathi River,Uttarakhand
Largest Dam in the WorldKariba Dam( water storage capacity)
Three Gorges Dam(Installed capacity)
Lake Kariba,Zimbabwe
Yangtze River,China
Three Gorges Dam is the largest dam in terms of installed capacity.The dam is the main reason behind the massive flood in China.Read the article listed below to know more.
Do You Know?
Hirakund Dam is also longest Earth dam in the world.
Which Dam is the Oldest in India?
Grand Anicut Dam or Kallanai Dam is the oldest dam in India.It was built over Cauvery river in Thanjavur district,Tamil Nadu. 
Which Dam is the Oldest in the world?
Lake Homs Dam over Orontes river in Syria is considered to be the  oldest operational dam in the world right now. The dam was built in between 1319-1304 BCE.
Important River Dams in India
Name of the DamSituation
Somasila DamPennar River,Andhra Pradesh
Srisailam DamKrishna River,Andhra Pradesh
Ukai DamTapti River,Gujarat
Dharoi DamSabarmati River,Gujarat
Sardar Sarovar DamNarmada River,Gujarat
Bhakra Nangal Dam Sutlej River,Himachal Pradesh
Nathpa Jhakri DamSutlej River,Himachal Pradesh
Pong Dam or Maharana Pratap Sagar DamBeas River,Himachal Pradesh
Bhakra DamSutlej River,Himachal Pradesh
Baglihar DamChenab River,Jammu and Kashmir
Salal DamChenab River,Jammu and Kashmir
Hydroelectric Dam
Indus River,Jammu and Kashmir
Uri Hydroelectric
Jhelum River,Jammu and Kashmir
Maithon Dam Barakar River,Jharkhand
Panchet Dam Damodar River,Jharkhand
Tunga Bhadra Dam Tungabhadra River,Karnataka
Alamatti DamKrishna River,Karnataka
Krishna Raja Sagara
Cauvery River,Karnataka
Idukki Dam Periyar River,Kerala
Mullaperiyar Dam Periyar River,Kerala
Neyyar DamNeyyar River,Kerala
Gandhi Sagar DamChambal River,Madhya Pradesh
Indira Sagar DamNarmada River,Madhya Pradesh
Omkareshwar DamNarmada River,Madhya Pradesh
Koyna DamKoyna River,Maharashtra
Jayakwadi DamGodavari River,Maharashtra
Ujani DamBhima River,Maharashtra
Ranjit Sagar Dam or Thein damRavi River,Punjab
Rana Pratap Sagar DamChambal River,Rajasthan
Jawahar Sagar DamChambal River,Rajasthan
Indravati DamIndravati River,Odisha
Hirakud DamMahanadi River,Odisha
Vaigai Dam Vaigai River,Tamil Nadu
Mettur Dam Cauvery River,Tamil Nadu
Nagarjuna Sagar DamKrishna River,Telengana
Tehri Dam Bhagirathi River,Uttarakhand
Koteshwar Dam Bhagirathi River,Uttarakhand
Farakka damGanga River,West Bengal
Pakistan has raised objection in Indus Water Treaty violation for hydroelectric projects in Jammu & Kashmir.Read this article to know more about the issue.
Read this article to know more about the historical controversy of Mullaperiyar Dam


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