An Easy Way to Learn Maths, Physics Equations and Formulas

An Easy Way to Learn and Memorize Maths, Physics Equations, and Formulas

Understanding and memorizing equations and formulas in science subjects like Maths, Physics, Statistics are tricky. Then it is the calculation part. Scientific calculations sometimes become very twisted and difficult. Let’s suggest a comprehensive and analytical solution-based approach which definitely will help the students to be armed with the smartest technique and also help them to Learn Maths, Physics, Statistics Equations, and Formulas. The method would be fruitful if implemented and exercised in a disciplined manner. The students will be able to master the use of equations and formulas, which will therefore foster them to score good marks in the examinations. If we specially talk about Mathematics, there are multiple branches like Algebra, Calculus, Geometry which are composed of a series of numbers equations and formulas, and symbols.

How to Memorize Maths Physics and Statistics Equations and Formulas?

Learning Equations and Formulas in Scientific subjects basically comprises a few steps.

  • Get acquainted with the basic rules and laws

You have to go through the basic rules and laws of the subject multiple times. While reading the textbook, take a notebook to note down the idea you have learned and make a summary of it. Draw the diagrams for better understanding. Drawing diagrams in physics is a must-have step. This method could be time-consuming at the beginning but it will definitely make the formula easier to learn later on.

  • Understand the formulae

Always try to derive the formula from using the theoretical rules and laws to understand a formula, if you continue and make a habit of deriving the formulas, then it will be easier for you to memorize the formulas. While deriving the formulas, note down all the used rules as note points in your notebook. It will be miraculous for revision before the examination.

  • Practice and Analyze your results

As practice brings perfection, you need to go through repeated sets of practices so that you can get command of what you are learning. Practicing in science subject is the only one and undisputed way to master. But what to practice? Here you will get multiple suggestions from various sources. Some will suggest solving questions using formulas. Yeah, the approach will be beneficial. But there is one more step which most students either skip or consider of less importance. I am talking about deriving formulas again and again. If you derive the equations and formulas multiple ways, it will be difficult for them to unearth from your mind.

Now the last step is the analysis. If you keep practicing without knowing whether you are heading in the right direction or having correct outputs, the practice becomes meaningless. Here we would like to suggest using voovers calculator. This is an excellent tool to check your calculations. Here you will get a platform to solve equations in different mathematical fields like Algebra, Calculus and Geometry, also you will find formulas solver of Physics and Statistics. Memorizing math formulas will be easier. if you practice and analyze in a simultaneous line.

  • Use Mnemonics or stories

You can use memorizing tricks in some particular mathematical formulas like trigonometry or in statistics.

  • Here are few points to avoid

If you want to memorize Physics, Statistics, Math formulas, you have to avoid doing some activities.

  • Avoid checking multiple reference books or study materials: Multiple reference books often create confusion over the theory of the subjects, hence it could act as a negative catalyst if multiple reference books are used for reference.
  • Using many scientific gadgets: Using many Scientific gadgets could be harmful in the process.
  • Covering multiple chapters in one day in the beginning: When you are at the early phase of your learning, avoid consuming the theories and rules of multiple chapters in one day. Once you master the topic you can make the revision of the whole subject in one day, but do not do it at the beginning stage.
  •  Avoid Learning from Multiple Educators: Students often consult Multiple Educators. It is not a good idea. Consume the concept from the teacher you like, but don’t chase many educators. It would rather make you puzzled.


Do's Don'ts in Learning Maths, Physics Equations and Formulas
Do’s Don’ts in Learning Maths, Physics Equations, and Formulas

The article is written to make a complete guide on how to memorize Maths formulas or how to remember Algebra, Calculus, or Geometry formulas in the easiest way. If the article has helped you to learn and memorize Maths formulas, please let us know in the comment section.


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