Essay on Integrity a Way of Life in English in 500 words

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Essay on Integrity a Way of Life

The word ‘integrity’ is originated from the Latin language. The word is derived from the word ‘integer’ which means ‘whole’ or ‘complete’ So ‘integrity‘ literally translates the true sense of completeness in one who encompasses life with honesty with moral soundness.

We learned about honesty and integrity is that the truth matters, that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules, and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.

–Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

Michelle Obama Quote
Michelle Obama Quote

The Importance of Integrity

Integrity‘ is a prominent concept for moral wellbeing in our society. This contribution from every individual in a nation will reflect the completeness of the nation. India is a country with diversity in religion, culture and languages. People have diverse mindset, views and interpretations, but there should be no compromise in national integrity which emerges at individual levels only. Integrity builds moral ethics that eventually helps to confront corruption and other moral evils. It should be noted that integrity is a crucial concept for constructing a sound nation.

Integrity in a Community

When it comes to the inclusive growth and development of a community, integrity plays a crucial role. If a community is synchronised and acts as a coherent system with sound morals, it will be a very prosperous community. The culture of building moral lessons starts with the kids and it becomes a continuous cycle of morality. A community without integrity will see a definite fall over time. Integrity in a Community can be classified into two fundamental types: 

  • Academic Integrity

  • Professional Integrity

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a systematic approach where the teachers, students, researchers act with honesty, mutual trust, respect and responsibility. Academic integrity is indispensable to build a good moral character of the students so that they can follow the same principles throughout their life. A true form of integrity nurtures a future leader. 

Students should be well mannered, should acknowledge the efforts of teachers and parents for their wellbeing. Students should accurately complete their homework with proper disciplines. In college or university, the students should follow these basic principles in a broader sense.

Professional Integrity

Professional integrity is the key to the growth and development of any organisation. It is a trustful relationship between employee and employer and also between team members or colleagues. Integrity in a workplace creates a positive environment that promotes healthier productivity. In the workplace, praise or recognition of good work is as essential as the constructive criticism of devalued work. Professional integrity in an organisation is very important as it is linked with the numerous members of each family of the employees. 


The kids should be taught the proper lesson of integrity from a very young age. It will help them to take greater responsibility in the later stage of their life. They should be taught to be helpful when others are in need. A proper lesson thus makes a kid an enthusiast, fearless, kind, respectful, humble and purposeful human being which the world needs desperately to survive.  

Integrity way of life Essay
Integrity way of life Essay

500 word Essay on Integrity a Way of Life

Here you can download the Integrity Essay pdf


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10 Lines on Honesty and Integrity

  • Honesty and Integrity is the quality which is inherited from the parents, family values and community.
  • Corruption can be eradicated if the true sense of integrity is practised from a very young age.
  • Integrity is the quality of a person being an enthusiast, fearless, kind, respectful, humble and purposeful human being.
  • People live a peaceful, guilt-free and happy life if they follow the basic principles of integrity.
  • Without honesty and integrity, every relationship becomes pointless.
  • A true leader always leads a life of integrity.
  • An honest person always becomes a role model in a society.
  • Honesty and Integrity always teach to stand up for what is right and true.
  • There could be a structural annihilation of society without the basic honesty and integrity at our individual level.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Integrity

Question 1.
Why is integrity a vital quality?

Integrity teaches an individual to be a trustworthy and dependable person. It teaches us to stand for what is right.

Question 2.
How does Integrity help to confront corruption?

Integrity always throes out the negative behavioural aspects like cheating, bribery, misconduct, hence helps to build a sound moral character.

Question 3.
How can integrity be applied in daily life?

Integrity is the key when we help each other, it develops the idea of ‘unity in diversity’. When people help each other, there will be collective growth in the community, hence facilitate an inclusive upliftment. 

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