Five Shades of India China Relation in 2020

India China Relation has come into a worst situation in 2020. In this article we will discuss the five shades of India China Relation in 2020.

Five Shades of India China Relation in 2020

India had managed to keep a balance with its neighbourhood and this was the diplomacy at its finest and it only seemed to improve in the years since 2014. India invested a significant amount of time to strengthening ties with the neighbourhood keeping SAARC as top priority neighbourhood. But everything shattered from March, 2020. India-China face-off started once again in several border spots. Primarily it seemed that India’s diplomacy is losing to China’s after Tsangpo lake, Galwan valley incident. But, India initiated to retaliate.

1.China’s strategy to Surround India through neighbours

India is a country which shares boundary with Nepal which shares more cultural religious relationships with India than the political history. But the Nepalese leadership wants to junk all of this for China. Kathmandu initiated the action with mobilizing public opinion against India then it fixed its map and asked India to redraw its boundaries. K P Oli had too many complaints when it came to India but he remained blindfolded to Chinese threats of encroaching Nepal lands. China has already encroached at least 10 places in Nepal compromising close to 36 hectares of land.

Two neighbour’s hostility begins when Nepal’s forces killed an Indian citizen and the Nepal Parliament amended a law making it tougher for Indians to marry Nepalese citizens to get citizenship. Thereafter Nepal had unleashed radio warfare against India with anti-India songs and commentary on a regular affair

Now shift to Bhutan. Bhutan has stopped supplying irrigation water for Indian farmers. It is to be noted that Doklam standoff happened in 2017 because India stood up for Bhutan against China and now this now Bhutan has stopped releasing channel water for Indian farmers. Bhutan is yet to provide an explanation for the sudden closure this massive resentment.

Now focus on Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh is still friendly towards India but it’s slowly drifting towards China our Chinese money to be more precise Beijing is developing sister cities across Bangladesh what is the dragon getting in return a strategic edge. The Chinese regime is building a submarine base in Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar. The base will house two Chinese made submarines in Sri Lanka. Chinese investments are influencing the foreign policy in Afghanistan China has been trying to set the base for CPEC projects even Myanmar is drowning in Chinese. These events tell you a lot about China’s long march into India’s neighbourhood and the traditional sphere of influence they also tell you how New Delhi’s geopolitical challenges are growing while India says neighbourhood first but the neighbours may be seeing China first.


2.Galwan Valley dispute

China feels threatened because of India’s construction in the Galwan area where India is constructing a network of feeder roads they all lead to northernmost corner of Indian territory in Ladakh. The world’s highest landing strip is also situated in Ladakh. Indian Air Force has recently successfully landed the c-17 global master. Here China is watching the whole development with bated breath and they realised that the implications would be significant as India can now ferry thousands of troops to the region within hours in case of a war or conflict. China’s fears intensified when India built a bridge the Colonel shebang region and the primary idea was to facilitate heavy Indian military movement in the region keeping the condition of war or conflict in mind. And this was the was the bridge that triggered the latest standoff.


3.India’s Soft Power and India’s inclusion in UNSC 

A nation’s soft power plays a key role in the way it is perceived in global scenario. Recently India has been elected as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for a two-year term. It is also to be noted that India has been elected unopposed and that was the significance of India’s soft power. This event created a new global equation and would rather create a win win situation for both the developed and developing nations. India must use this opportunity to re-emerge because at some stage, the global community will need to understand that the welfare is generated by colonization or exploitation of China and the economy that is built upon greed driven consumerism cannot guarantee long-term prosperity. Thus India could be the significant player to challenge the colonization and exploitation made by China in South China Sea, South Asian region and African continent. 


4.India’s trade Deficit with China

China actually flooded the Indian market and adversely affected the domestic industry in India. It is something that is a growing concern and that could be one of the key sticking points.According to latest reports the trade deficit that India has with China right now is about 52 billion dollars and  China is growing almost proportionately. Policymakers have been looking for ways and means to ensure that this trade deficit doesn’t go wider and progressively bring it down. But Chinese industries kept on dominating in Indian market. 


5.India’s digital retaliation by banning Chinese apps

Now India has banned 59 Chinese applications and china have lost access to one of the largest or perhaps the largest market for internet users in the world. India has confirmed that these apps are engaged in activities that are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India. Basically there are security concerns in India’s defense security and public order were under threat. This is a very strong message to china and a very clear one that India has drawn the battle lines this is a digital retaliation even as the standoff on the ground continues. The two countries will have to face off on multiple fronts and India is striking on the digital front.

As India shuts its market to top Chinese apps that might eventually be followed by other countries too and most obvious and anticipated countries could be USA and Australia.

In a conclusive note it can be stated that complications in India China Relation in 2020 is significant in global geo-political arena. The global economy is already in recession and it could further downgrade if the situation gets worse.

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