Monthly Current Affairs Module of April 2020 PDF

Let’ discuss Monthly Current Affairs Module of April 2020 in a categorized way. Pdf is provided at the end of the article.
Monthly Current Affairs Module of April 2020 PDF
Monthly Current Affairs Module of April 2020 PDF
In this article we will cover all the important current affairs of April 2020 in a summarized and categorized way. But first of all I would like to draw your attention on how to study current affairs.
How to study current affairs for SSC,Railways,IBPS 
  • Are you preparing for SSC ,Railways or Banking exams?
  • Are you afraid of current affairs?
  • Are you unable to score good in spite of giving a hard work in current affairs?
  • Are you confused of what to read and what not to?


If such questions are bothering you then you are definitely at right place. Well at first, I will guide you to understand the difference between current affairs and current news. Often students get confused with the news and affairs and 90% students fail to score good at this area. You need to do the smart work and learn to filter out the unnecessary points while reading.
Here are some examples of Current news. Remember these are not current affairs. These will never be asked in exam.
  • India’s GDP growth moderated to 4.8 % in H1 of 2019-20, amidst a weak environment for global manufacturing and trade. The questions will always be asked as the GDP growth rate of a financial year not for any quarter of a year.
  • Current Account Deficit (CAD) narrowed to 1.5 % of GDP in Q1 of 2019-20 from 2.1 % in 2018-19
  • ARI researchers developed “bug sniffer” for detection of pathogens in 30 minutes. It’s not a unique discovery. Science will develop something more advanced tomorrow. So, it’s not important for exam
  • India installs 7.3 GW of solar power in  2019. It is variable. So, it’s not important for exam
  • Cabinet approved 30% salary cut of PM, Ministers, MPs for FY 20-21 to manage COVID-19. It’s not important for exam
  • NHAI achieved record 3,979 km highways construction in FY 19-20. It will be changed in the next day. So, it’s not important for exam
  • Union Cabinet approved India-UAE currency swap agreement. India does currency swap agreement in every month with few countries. So, it’s not important for exam
  • United Nation’s COP 26 climate change summit postponed till 2021- All conference/summit are being cancelled due to lockdown. So, it’s not important for exam
This is how you need to weed out unimportant part. There are many websites and study material where you will be distracted by this news. So, stay focused. I have prepared a screened current affairs module for you.
Note-Remember here are few topics which have 0%-3% probability to be asked in SSC or Railway exams. 
  • Chief justice of Indian high courts are being shuffled too rapidly. So, it’s not important for exam
  • Appointments of CEO or MD in Individual commercial banks. These are important or IBPS exams,but not for SSC or Railway Exams.
  • Ambassador or High commissioner of India to Other Countries.
So, what are the important topics?
Don’t worry I have compiled them all in the Monthly Current affairs module. This current affairs module will help you to find right direction and will teach to weed out the unimportant part.

Regularity of reading Current affairs

Students often get confused on the frequency of reading current affairs. Is it daily or weekly or monthly? well this questions haunted me too. Let me share what I did that gave the path to clear government job.
I used to invest 15-25 minutes daily to read the current affairs. I used a separate notebook to note down which is important. I did it regularly and never stopped that practice.
Sometimes I missed a day or two. Then the next day I covered all the days together. This method should be followed if you want to master at this section.
It is also a good idea to study current affairs on weekly basis if you want to save time.
But reading current affairs only monthly basis could be detrimental. Yeah you can revise the monthly capsules or monthly e book from various websites. But if you don’t study regularly it will be very hard to memorize all of them at the end of the month.
One last thing. Read the current affairs but the preparation is not completed unless you attempt weekly or monthly quizzes.
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