How to Study IDIOMS and PHRASES from the scratch? PART 1

How to Study IDIOMS and PHRASES from the scratch? PART 1

How to Study IDIOMS and PHRASES from the scratch? PART 1

We will Publish IDIOMS and PHRASES course in a lucid way such that it helps the students to memorize. IDIOMS and PHRASES series will be published in phased manner. This course will contain few parts.The IDIOMS and PHRASES series will be provided with pictures. Go through and practice them through writing in sentences. There will be few parts which will include most important IDIOMS and PHRASES which are asked in exams frequently.Which will be published shortly.

The PDF files of all parts will be provided along with.

1.An old flame – a person who you had a romantic relationship with in the past and usually still think of fondly.

2.An olive branch – Peace request Ex-If you find yourself in a spat with a friend, try to be the bigger person and be the one to hold out the olive branch

3.At a loss – puzzled, perplexed, at a financial loss

4.At a pinch/ In a pinch –In a trouble

5.At arm’s length – Avoid becoming too friendly Ex –Seetal always keeps his friends at arm’s length, 
so that no one gets close enough to hurt his feelings

6. At one’s wit’s end – CompletelyPuzzled / confused / perplexed

7. Adam’s ale – pure water- Ex-people walk miles for Adam’s ale in the desert area.

8. After one’s own heart – a person with similar tastes and preferences

9. A hair-breadth escape – very narrow escape. Ex-He had a hair-breadth escape when his bike 
faced an accident on the road.

10. Above board honest and straightforward

11. As fit as a fiddle-strong and healthy

12.Assume airsto pretend superiority. Ex – After becoming an officer, Sujit has assumed airs.

13. At the spur of the moment without delay

14. At a loose end – to have nothing to do. Ex-The players were at a loose end as the match was cancelled due to rain.

15. At odds – in dispute/disagree Ex-The members of the group were at odds over the selection procedure.

16. At cross purposes – have conflicting intentions. Ex- The meeting adjourned as the members were at cross purposes.

17. At the bottom – to be mainly responsible for Ex- The desire for money is at the bottom of much of the world’s violence

18. At large abscond, to keep unchained. Ex- The robbery suspect is still at large and is considered very dangerous

19.Bear the brunt of – to bear the main shock of. Ex- Rahul bears the brunt of him for not attending the seminar.

20. Bid defiance – to ignore/ to disregard recklessly or contemptuously Ex- With every expression of hate and scorn rising to her face, she bids him defiance

21. Burn a hole in one’s pocket – money spent quickly/extravagant

22. Beat the air – to make useless efforts/ To keep doing something despite its apparent pointlessness 
or futility

23. Backstairs influence – by unfair means. Ex-he entered into the board by some backstairs influence.

24. Burn one’s boats -point of no return

25. Bated breath – in anxiety, expectancy Ex- Everybody waited for the match result with bated breath

26.Bee in one’s bonnet -to be fussy Ex- The lady seems to have a bee in her bonnet because she is always finding faults with others.

27. Blue stocking -educated but pedantic lady

28. Beside the mark/Beside the point – irrelevant

29. Brown study – A state of deep contemplation or rumination, as of a reverie, daydream, or meditation.

30. Blaze the trail – to start a movement/ to be the first person to do or discover something new and important Ex- Mahatma Gandhi blazed the trail of Indian National Movement

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