How to Study IDIOMS and PHRASES from the scratch? PART 2

How to Study IDIOMS and PHRASES from the scratch?
How to Study IDIOMS and PHRASES from the scratch?   PART 2

1.      By the rule of thumb (according to practical experience)
2.      Big draw (a huge attraction) The match between India and Pakistan is always a big draw.
3.      By the skin of the teeth (narrowly) He escaped death in the accident by skin of the teeth.
4.      By dint of (by force of) He achieved success in life by dint of hard work.
5.      Bird of passage One who comes occasionally
6.      Bring to book (to punish) The guilty should be brought to book.
7.      Brow beat (to intimidate) The Government must not brow beat the social reformers if they protest against any unjust law.
8.      Broad day light (when crime cannot be hidden)
9.      Bed of roses (an easy and comfortable situation)
10.  Between Scylla and Charybdis (between two great dangers
11.  Carry the coal to Newcastle Spending time and energy in doing something that is useless
12.  Carry matters with a high hand (to deal with a person strictly) The owner of the industry carried matters with a high hand and expelled two workers.
13.  Come home to (to understand) Seema wanted to be a teacher in the college but soon it came home to her that she was not fit for the job as she was only.
14.  Cry over spilt milk (repent) Careless students often have to cry over spilt milk during the exams.
15.  Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth (to live within one’s means) A wise man always cuts his coat according to his cloth if he wants to be successful.
16.  Call names (to abuse) Neeta called me names, so she was severely punished by the teacher.
17.  Curtain lecture (a reproof by wife to her husband) My brother never pays any attention to his wife’s curtain lecture and does what he thinks.
18.  Chip of the old block (resembling one’s parents in habits) My friend is helpful like her father, so she is a chip of the old block.
19.  Cloven hoof (the evil intention) The Pakistani soldiers showed the cloven hoof and captured Kargil.
20.  Cheek by jowl (close together) In metropolitan cities it is common that affluence and poverty exist cheek by jowl.
21.  Come to a pass (a difficult situation) The things have come to such a pretty pass that he is financially ruined.
22.  Cut and dried (readymade form) There is no cut and dried formula for success in life.
23.  Clinch the issue (decide the matter) When he agreed to leave the house for good, it clinched the issue in favour of his wife.
24.  Carry one’s point (win approval) After heated discussion he was able to cart his point.
25.  Cock a snook (to show impudent contempt) She is so proud of her wear she always cocks a snook at the acts of her husband.
26.  Chapter and verse (in full detail, to give proof) He has such a sharp mom that he can narrate the story chapter and verse.
27.  Catch a tartar to grapple with an unexpectedly formidable opponent.
28.  Chicken hearted Lacking courage.
29.  Cat’s paw A person used by another as a dupe or tool.
30.  Cast a slur (to bring disgrace) Taking bribe could cast a slur on the honour of your family.
31.  Cut both ends (to argue in support of both sides of the issue) Mahesh always cuts both ends and hence he has neither friends nor foes.
32.  Cut the Gordian knot (to solve a difficult problem) The national leaders cut the Gordian knot by making India a secular country.
33.Cut throat (tough) We face cut throat competition in every field.

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