How to Write a Précis?Précis: Rules,Steps,Samples

How to Write a Précis? Students face difficulties while writing a Précis. In this article we will discuss the Précis definition, Précis Structure, step by step solution procedure of Précis Writing and rules of Précis writing with examples. Let’s learn.


How to Write a Précis Précis Rules,Steps,Samples

What is a Précis?

A Précis is a logical text summary containing the substance of a passage in brief and intelligible form.

Do You Know?
‘Précis’ is a French word,pronounced as ‘persee’.The literal meaning of the word ‘Précis’ is ‘cut brief’ or ‘precise’.
What are the Features of a Précis?
  • The writer must give a title.
  • It is a critical outline of a passage with clarity and precision.
  • Précis Writing should be an original creation i.e. It should reflect the precis writer’s own words without changing the main theme of the passage.
  • Logical order and coherence of the source text should be maintained.
  • Quotes from the source text could be inserted using new language.
  • Précis should be approximately 1/3 of the original length of the source text or passage.
Remember the Points While Writing a Précis
  • Précis shouldn’t be a summary copy of the source text.
  • Reported speech is the formal way of writing a Précis.
  • New information and data can not be inserted outside of the source text.
  • The writer can not input his/her own opinion or conclusive idea into it.
  • Exclamation notes,address note,examples should be skipped while writing a Précis.
  • Always use simple words and sentences.
  • You need to write according to the tone of the author.
  • Repetition of words and information should be avoided.
Clear Your Confusion

The Difference Between the Summary and Précis

  • Summary: Summary is the brief compilation of the main information and main events of the source text.
  • Précis: Précis is the concise outline with 1/3 rd of the source text including every details and analysis.
Précis Format

While you are learning how to Write a Précis you must know that a Précis contains four parts.These are as follows:

  • Suitable title.
  • Introduction.
  • Thesis of the source text or body.
  • Results and conclusions.
Step by Step Rules of Writing a Précis
  • The whole source text should be read minutely while giving focus on each information provided.
  • Read the passage multiple times until you get a transparent idea of author’s view.
  • The central theme, features, arguments and points should be written separately on paper.
  • Make a list of all the critical information listed.
  • Write a brief summary for each part of the passage.
  • Reread the introduction and make link with the conclusive note.
How to Start a Précis Writing

Assign a suitable title of the Précis and then capture the tone of the author and start writing your first sentence.

Don'ts of a Précis
Don’ts of a Précis
Précis Writing Samples With Answers

Writing a Précis is not always an easy task.Here are some precis writing with examples. It will be easier for the students to understand how to Write a Précis.

Before presenting some Précis Writing Samples,know the types of the passages that you should be prepared for.

  • Descriptive: Describing places, scenes or objects
  • Narrative: Narrating stories or events
  •  Reflective: Containing reflections on some virtues or vices, or on abstract things
Example 1

Once a little mouse, while playing, ran across a sleeping ion’s face. The lion awoke in anger and caught the mouse in his paw. The mouse begged for pardon. It said, “I am very sorry. Please pardon and spare my life. One day perhaps I may help you.” The lion laughed, but pardoned the mouse. So the mouse thanked him and ran away in joy. One day after this the lion was caught in a net by some hunters. He roared loudly in rage. The mouse heard the roar and went to the lion. The lion was strong, but could not break the net. The mouse first cut one rope and then another, and soon the lion was free.

Precis Title: The lion and the mouse


Once a mouse disturbed a lion in his sleep. The lion caught the mouse and was going to kill it; but it begged for pardon and was let go. Shortly after the lion was caught in a strong net. Hearing his roar the mouse came there and cut the ropes with its teeth. The lion became free.

Example 2

While wealth is a great factor for ensuring happiness of human life, it is easily liable to be employed by one set of people against others. Besides, wealth has a tendency to concentrate in the hands of a few, with the result that the rich become richer and the poor poorer. In the existing conditions of society, we find that there poorer are classes of people who are miserable and unhappy, while there are others who are rich, well-fed and comfortable. Such are differences in economic conditions are mainly due to the wrong distribution of wealth in the society. In considering the welfare of the society, we must not refer to individual fortunes or conditions of life. By human welfare we are to mean the greatest good of the greatest number.

Precis Title: Proper use of wealth

Wealth is no doubt necessary for happiness in life. But it generally gets into the hands of a few only at the cost of the the general body of men in society. The result is, the rich become richer and the poor poorer. This is certainly a misuse of wealth. It should be fairly distributed among all, so that it may bring happiness to the greatest number of people.

The examples of Précis writing will help you to understand the insight of Précis Writing and also It is expected that you have learned how to Write a Précis. So be ready to start your practice on Précis Writing. All the best.

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