How You Can Discover Your Writing Style?

How You Can Discover Your Writing Style?

If you want to become a writer, there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. But one that takes the first place is probably your writing style.


Many writers who want to become successful are under the impression that in order to achieve their dream or goal, they need to have a distinct and unique writing style. Something that is entirely original.


Having a writing style is very important. However, it is not something that just happens to be present in the writer. It is something that has to be developed or cultivated by the writers. However, with time and through practice, it develops naturally.

Importance Of Having A Writing Style

The writing style is not devoid of the individual writer. It has a lot to do with the individuality of the writer. It has been observed that many writers deliberately try to force themselves to write in a particular way.


In order to do that, they start mimicking the writing style of other successful writers that they may look up to. When this is done, it harms the quality of the work. That is because they want to adopt a style that is not their own.


To adopt the writing style of other writers is like making a zebra wear the skin of a snake. No matter how much you try, it just won’t fit in.

Writing Style: Types

There are many different types of writing styles. Some of the most common writing styles are:


  • Narrative: these are used in longer essays where the author or the writer simply writes to share certain information in the story’s context.


  • Expository: in this style, the writer tries to expose or reveal a particular topic or action to the readers.


  • Persuasive: In this style, the writer tries to convince or persuade the readers about a particular argument or point of view.


  • Descriptive: In this style of writing, the author describes the environment or situation in great detail. This helps the reader connect with the passage even more as they can imagine the setting as they read.

Steps To Discover Your Writing Style

If you want to master the art of writing, you need to develop your writing style. Even though it is a long and tedious job, it is nothing impossible.


Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind to discover your style of writing:

  1. Originality

One of the things that writers often tend to forget is that in order to create an impact, a piece of work needs to be original. Choose to write in a way that best describes you. Write in the way you like the most. You do not have to use very heavy and ornamental language to make a point if that is not something that you are comfortable with.

  1. Be Present

If you want to create an impact on the minds of the readers, you need to be present while you are writing your content.

Whether you’re writing a blog submission or growing a storyline, you need to immerse readers in your story. This is something that you can only do when you are present mentally while you write. Use a genuine tone.

  1. Be Grammatically Sound

If there is something that you need to keep on point, then it is the grammar of the composition. Use the correct syntax to successfully carry out the minute details of your story. Be sure that your composition is free from spelling and punctuation mistakes.

  1. Authentic Tone

When writing a particular piece, you need to focus on the tone of the content. Make sure that your choice of words, the structure of the sentence, and the grammatical issues are all in sync with the tone that you want to carry out.


You can change the tone in order to suit what you are writing. However, it is only best not to try to write in a tone that is not your own. If you are not a mad lover of food at heart, you will not be able to do justice to a composition that seeks a review of a restaurant. This is just an example.


In other words, if you try to force yourself to write about something that you are not comfortable with, it will only sound phony to the readers.

Final Words

Writing is definitely an art, and the writer is the best artist. However, in order to become the writer that you want to be, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. The most important of them is your writing style. When you choose to write in a particular way, you need to make sure that you are using a style that is your own and authentic.


Do not try to copy the writing style of your favourite and other successful writers. If you do that, it will not sound natural to the readers. They will be quick to figure out that you are being phony. Make sure that you are constantly practising the style. Practice till you reach perfection!


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