What is New Anubhava Mantapa?

  • Karnataka CM Yediyurappa has laid the foundation stone of the ‘New Anubhava Mantapa’ in Basavakalyan, Karnataka.
  • It is the place where the famous poet-philosopher Basaveshwara or Basavanna lived for most of his life.
  • He launched Shiva-focussed Bhakti movement and a renowned social reformer in Karnataka.
  • He was from the Kalyani Chalukya dynasty.
  • The New Anubhava Mantapa is a proposed six-floor structure in the midst of the 7.5-acre plot and represents various principles of Basaveshwara
  • It will demonstrate the 12th Century Anubhava Mantapa or often referred to as the “first Parliament of the world”
  • The building will be developed by the Kalyana Chalukya style of architecture.
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