What is ‘Varunastra’ in the context on Indian defence?

  • Varunastra is the heavyweight anti-submarine torpedo launched by DRDO. It is India’s first heavyweight torpedo.
  • Varunastra was developed by the BDL, Vishakhapatnam Unit of Indian Navy.
  • It can be deployed in both shallow and deep-water environment.
  • The weight 1500 kilograms.
  • Operational range is 40 kilometres.
  • The maximum speed is 74 kilometre per hour.
  • Varunastra is the only torpedo in the world to have a GPS based locating aid.
  • Capable of carrying a warhead of 250 kilograms.
  • The torpedo is powered by Silver oxide zinc battery.

Note: BDL is the production agency of DRDO.

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