Preposition Test and Question Answer Pdf for Competitive Exams

Preposition Test and Question Answer Pdf for Competitive Exams

Preposition test for competitive exams: The test of the English language is an important and crucial part of the syllabus of most of the competitive exams such as SSC, IBPS, LIC, RBI and UPSC, state PSCs etc. The students are advised to go through the English language syllabus and cover the whole topic chapter wise. The prepositions questions and answers are included in this article. The questions of the preposition test in this article are taken from previous year papers of various competitive exams.  Prepositions questions and answers pdf is also included at the end of the article for self-practice. 

What does preposition mean?

A preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun or a noun-equivalent, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, time, place, location, spatial relationships, or to introduce an object. The preposition indicates relationships between other words in a sentence. A preposition is also used as an adverb in a sentence. The prepositions are used for many different purposes. A preposition is a single word or a group of words that precedes a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase and shows the relationship between the words. Prepositions can also be used as adverbs in a sentence.


(a) Prepositions may also govern other parts of speech used as nouns. Example: From here, before now, for good, in short, about to go.

(b )Prepositions may govern phrases and clauses as well. Example: It depends on how you do your duty. I shall go to where you have come from. I am ignorant of how to do it.

(c) Prepositions sometimes follow the words they govern when the object is an interrogative or relative pronoun understood; particularly the relative that is never governed by a preposition
preceding it. Example: What is this for? Where do you come from ? This is the boy that I spoke of. This is the boy (whom) spoke to.

How to use prepositions in English sentences?

Prepositions are used to indicate relationships between other words in a sentence. 

Preposition examples in a sentence: The sentence, “In front of the door is a tree,” means that there is a tree in front of the door. 

How to use prepositions with adjectives? You can use prepositions with adjectives to show how two or more things relate to each other. For example, in the sentence “I went to see the movie,” going to is a preposition that indicates that I went to see the movie. In order to show that the movie is the thing I went to see, the movie is placed in front of the preposition. You can also use a preposition with an adjective to show emotion. For example, in the sentence “My heart is broken,” the preposition is used to show the relationship between my heart and the emotion of being broken. The preposition indicates that my heart is broken.

Prepositions with nouns: Prepositions are often used with nouns to indicate a relationship between other words in a sentence. For example, the preposition “of” has a relationship with the noun “book” and the noun phrase “a novel.” In the sentence “He read the book,” “book” and “a novel” are in the same relationship with the verb “read.”

Types of Preposition with Examples

(a) Phrase Prepositions or Prepositional Phrases are phrases used as prepositions

Example: on account of, instead of, in spite
of, by means of, owing to, by dint of, in accordance with.
He could not come on account of illness. In spite of hard labour, he failed in the examination. Instead of coming here, he went home.

(b) Participial Prepositions are present or past participles which are now used as prepositions.

Examples: Do you know anything concerning or regarding the proposal? The river flows past the town.

(c) Disguised Prepostions:-In examples like ‘Rice sells one kilo a rupee’, “He comes twice a week, etc., a is not the
Indefinite Article, but a weakened form of the Preposition on. So also in ahead, asleep, ahunting, etc.

(d) Than-The word is normally a Conjunction, following a comparative degree. But it is also used as a Preposition in some cases, particularly before Relative and Personal Pronouns.

Example: He is better than me in every respect. No one other than him was present there. He did nothing else than (to) laugh. He got more than (what) he asked for. 

(e) The same word may be an Adverb or a Preposition:
Example: He went on (Adverb). Sit on the bench (Preposition). Sit down (Adv,). The boat goes down the river (Prep.).

Rules of preposition 

  1. A preposition cannot be followed by a verb. Verb placed immediately after preposition must be in gerund form.
    (a) He prevented me from drinking cold water.
    (b) He insists on trying again.
    2. When the object of the preposition is an Interrogative Pronoun What, Who, Whom, Which, Where etc, the preposition usually takes end or front position.
    (a) What are you thinking of?
    (b) Who were you talking to?
    Note: It used to be thought as ungrammatical, to end a sentence
    with a preposition, but it is now well accepted.
    3. When ‘object of the preposition is Relative Pronoun, that the preposition takes the end position. Examples
    (a) Here is the magazine that you asked for.
    (b This is the dish that she is fond of.
    4. When the ‘object’ of the preposition is infinitive (to + verb), the preposition is placed after the infinitive.
    (a) This is a good hotel to stay at.
    (6) I need a pencil to write with.
    5. In some sentences, the preposition is attached with the verb (These verbs take appropriate prepositions with them).
    (a) I hate being laughed at. (b) This I insist on.
    6. In some cases the preposition comes in the beginning. These are usually interrogative sentences.
    (a) By which train did you come?
    (b) For whom was instructions given?

Prepositions Questions and Answers

Here is a Preposition online test with answers. Try to attempt by yourself, check your attempts after the completion of the preposition test. This preposition quiz with answers will help the students to familiarize with the real-time question pattern.

1. The reward was not commensurate _____ for the work done by us.
(a) for (b) on (c) with  (d) order

2. Such remarks are certainly derogatory ______ of your reputation.

(a) of (b) for (c) with (d) to

3. Our tragic experience in the recent past provides
an index ____ the state of lawlessness in this region.
(a) of (b) in (c)at (d) by

4. Pakistan is not enamoured _______ the bomb for its own sake.
(a) with (b) for (c) of (d) by

5. Very often we do not get what we pine____
(a) about (b) for (c)at (d) on

6. Your conduct smacks _____ recklessness.
(a) of (b) with (c) from (d) in

7. The customer smashed his fist down ____ the table.
(a) into (b at (c) on (d) against

8. He has suffered heavy losses, yet he was rolling _____ wealth.
(a) for (b) with (c) from (d) in

9. The peasant refused to bow his _____ master.
(a) on (b) about (c) upon (d) to (e)by

10. It is dangerous to enter _____ the enemy’s camp.
(a) in (b) into (c) on (d) through (e)by


  1. c
  2. d
  3. a
  4. c
  5. b
  6. a
  7. d
  8. d
  9. d
  10. b

Preposition test for competitive exams

Here we are providing MCQ on preposition for competitive exams. All the questions are taken from previous year questions of various Competitive Exams. Let’s try

Spot the error in the sentence: questions on prepositions

1. He was sleeping (1)/ in his room when a thief (2)/ entered into his house (3)/ and took away a lot of things. (4)/ No
Error (5)

2. In her concluding speech (1)/ she said almost nothing (2)/ worth listening to. (3)/ No Error (4)

3. It was apparent for (1)/ everyone present (2)/ that if the patient did not receive (3)/ immediate medical aid he
would die. (4)/ No Error (5)

4. He proposed me (1)/ that we should go to the Disco (2) and then have (3)/ dinner at a restaurant. (4)/ No Error (5)

5. There appears (1)/ to be a little liaison (2)/ among the (3)/ two groups of the society. (4)/ No Error (5)

6. The team (1)/ complained to the manager (2)/ against the captain (3)/ and the poor facilities provided in the hotel.
(4/ No Error (5)

7. Yesterday I met (1)/ a man (2)/ who was blind with the right eye. (3)/ No Error (4)

8. The principal distributed (1)/ the sweet among our friends (2)/ who bade him farewell. (3)/ No Error (4)

9. As per the invitation care (1)/ Rahim marries with Sayra (2)/ on 13th December Monday. (3)/ No Error (4)

10. The debacle of the congress party (1)/ admit no other explanation (2)/ than its (3)/ poor performance during the last five years. (4)/ No Error (5)


1. (3) Delete ‘into’.
2. (3) Delete ‘to’.
3. (1) Change it to ‘apparent to’.
4. (1) Change it to ‘Proposed to’.
5. (3) Change among to between. Between is used for two.
6. (4) and about the poor.
7. (3) Correct phrase is ‘blind in’.
8. (2) Replace among by amongst.
9. (2) Delete with.
10. (2) Place of after admits.

Fill in the blanks with preposition

In competitive examinations, students often come across the question “Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition“. Here are a few examples. 

1. The soldiers rebelled _______ the king
(a) at (b) on (c) with (d) against

2. My relations ____ Preeti is good.
(a) to (b) on (c) with d) against

3. Pawan’s story is devoid ___ truth.
(a) from (b) to (c) of (d) through

4. I have a distaste ____ publicity.
(a) for (6) about (c) against (d) at

5. There is no hindrance ______ his going there.
(a) over (b) to (c) at (d) on

  1. d
  2. c
  3. c
  4. a
  5. b

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Preposition test for competitive exams
Preposition test for competitive exams

Preposition Exercises with Answers pdf

Preposition test for competitive exams


Download the English mcq for competitive exams pdf for your future and offline reference

Practice the preposition practice set multiple times to sharpen your preparation.

The article on Preposition Test and Question Answer Pdf for Competitive Exams will be very useful for every competitive Examination. 

Ask questions, if you have any in the comment section. 

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