December 2020 Current Affairs

Attempt December 2020 Current Affairs

Which ministry will launch 'Main Bhi Digital' initiative to boost street vendor's digital activities?
Which state has won the Digital India Awards 2020 in the "Pandemic Category"?
Which country will host The World Economic Forum 2021?
Who is the author of book titled 'Romancing Targets: Get Closer to Selling in 7 Steps'?
Who is the Indian-Origin person appointed as the 1st CEO of WHO foundation?
Indian navy will be buying SMASH 2000 Anti-Drone systems from which country?
Who is the author of the book 'Covid-19: Sabhyata ka Sankat Aur Samadhan'?
Which dance form will make its debut in the Olympics at the Paris games in 2024?
Which is the India's most searched word on Google in 2020?
What is the 42nd Ramsar site of India?
Koilwar Bridge is recently in news, is located in which state?
Who has been named WTA Player of the Year?
Who has been selected for PETA India's Person of the Year for 2020?
ISRO's new communication CMS-01 satellite will be launched through which vehicle?

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